The Nirn Project

If you'd like to help expand Skyrim to include other parts of Nirn, the click the Join button on the left. You don't need to be a modder, research and good ideas are useful too.

The Nirn Project is a resource where people can build a single concise well-structured vision of Tamriel and the rest of Nirn, and work together to help bring that vision about. We aim to extend the playable area of most recent Elder Scrolls game, which is currently Skyrim. Provinces or parts of provinces will be added one by one through individual mods. Ultimately all of Tamriel, or even all of Nirn could become playable but for the moment the objective is a lot more modest.

Current Objective
The immediate objective is to create a proof-of-concept mod that includes a small part of Northern Cyrodiil. The content and included locations of this first mod will depend on the time and expertise available but we will probably heading for what's left of Cloud Ruler Temple.

Current Tasks
The most important thing right now is figuring out exactly what is required for each area.

  • We need to do the necessary research on the Lore, past & present.
  • Most parts or Tamriel are influenced by neighboring regions, so we need to know what those those regions look like even if they're only included indirectly. For example, what does Thalmor architecture look like, and what influence has that had on Cyrodiil?
  • What are the gameplay objectives of the new regions? We probably can't match the number of small quests that Skyrim has to offer, but can we use procedural systems to keep things interesting (like another war)?

Future Proofing
When the next Elder Scrolls game is released the resources used for the Skyrim mods will be ported into mods for the new game. It's probable that most of the in-editor content won't translate into a new game, but the majority of the planning, models, textures and audio created for the Skyrim mods will.

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