Beyond Skyrim Collaboration

A new 'Expand Skyrim Collaboration Wiki' has started up called Beyond Skyrim. Their wiki seems to have less content, but they do seem to have direct backing of The Elsweyr Confederacy. It's linked to Dark Creations forums where a few other teams have signed up.

This page is so we can discuss whether we want to:
A) Try and persuade the Beyond Skyrim Wiki to merge into the The Nirn Project
B) Try to merge The Nirn Project into the Beyond Skyrim Wiki
C) Ignore them & just focus on making a quality resource
D) "I will follow what the group decides"

Earendel: D - I need to be impartial on this one.

Claire: C or A. We've got something good here.
P.S. I've seen the Els mod before, looks oldschool. They just going to shove that in skyrim?

Luffi: A: I think we could get alot of help from them, as you've said, use beyond skyrim as a Debate room and house all decided info here, or
C: If they don't cooperate, whatever, we can do without them if we need to.

Hieronymus7Z: A or B. So it's the D as long as D is not the C.

Matin Sanguine: A or B, I believe it is incredibly important to try and merge the two projects for one reason: Provinces are absolutely huge and require subsequent huge amounts of work to complete one to a playable standard (let alone more), Just look at Tamrial Rebuilt's efforts to recreate Hammerfell or even their still continuing efforts to finish the Morrowind mainland after so many years and you will see that we need all the help we can get, if we pool our resources, this project has a far better chance at succeeding and will allow for an umbrella for all other like-minded modding teams. Thus Tamrial could very well be recreated in a high quality manner, and collaboration would allow us to work to our strengths and help support other modding projects.

Perry7484: B, they've actually gotten quite far on Cyrodiil and High Rock. I know that they don't use the wiki much, they're mainly on the DC site.

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