Members of The Nirn Project:
Alias: MagnusRollo
Real Name: Mr. Anderson
Skills: A writer with a wide knowledge of TES Lore.

Alias: MechaCorn
Real Name: Stephanos
Skills: Writing Story, Idea Generation, Greek native speaker, Basic Modding Skills, Free Time

Alias: McMuffinButterCrust
Real Name: Robert
Skills: I'm learning but I want to contribute as much as possible and give ideas.

Alias: Earendel
Real Name: Andy
Skills: Concept Art, Modelling, Texturing, Level Design, Scripting

Alias: Luffi
Real Name: Frank
Skills: Writing Story, Writing Quests, Programming, Idea Generation

Alias: Zero

Alias: Deamonata

Real Name: Claire
Skills: Lore, QA, Singing…

Name: Gavin Millar

Alias: Jacen000Solo

Alias: Maddob
Real Name: Mathew Dobbin
Skills: Texturing, Messing around in the Construction Kit.

Name: Mallory Dennett
Skills: Research & Ideas!

Alias: Exilus
Skills: Construction Set, Quests, etc.

Alias: Hieronymus7Z
Real Name: Alfred Khamidullin
Skills: concept-art and illustrations

Alias: Klunked
Real Name: Eamon Cullen
Skills: Creative Writing, Lore-Mastery, Research and follow up concepts.

Alias: Matin Sanguine
Real Name: Matin
Skills: Construction Set, Knowledge of lore, ability to take on and learn new things,

Alias: Dark White
Real Name: Lliam
Skills: Student studying games design and Avid TES player.

Real Name:Matthew
Skills:Ideas, Limited Lore

Real Name:Akira
Skills: Modder since 2007, Basic Scripting, Npcs, creator of Advanced AI, Dialogue, Environments, Texturing, Voice acting and caught up with Lore.

Real Name:Aidan
Skills: Voice Acting, Commentary, Deep knowledge of TES lore, Many Ideas

Real Name:Kristian Onsjö
Skills: Jack-of-all-trades


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